Ohio State Tests

All students take assessments in Language Arts and Math each year. 8th grade students also take assessments in Science. The assessments are broken into two parts, and assess students abilities to perform and demonstrate their knowledge in the respective subject areas. Results of these assessments are reported on Ohio's Local Report Card each year.

Additional Info: See Ohio's Statewide Testing and Achievement Assessments for more information.

Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition (OTELA)

The OTELA is the assessment used by the state of Ohio to test the English proficiency of Ohio Limited English Proficient (LEP) students in Grades K-12. This assessment is given to comply with both State and Federal laws. Feel free to call the school office with any questions.

Dates of testing: Middle of the year. Check the Year-At-A-Glance page for exact dates.

Where: Here at the school.

Additional Info: See ODE - Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition (OTELA) at The Ohio Department of Education for more information.

Tips for Testing Week

  • Get plenty of sleep the week of testing.
  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast.
  • Be at school every day the week of testing; avoid scheduling appointments.
  • Arrive at school on time.
  • You can't be admitted late to the test.
  • Use the restroom before homeroom.
  • Bring two #2 sharpened pencils (no mechanical pencils).
  • You may chew gum during the test.
  • You may bring a bottle of water.
  • You may bring hard candy.
  • Bring something to read when finished; you will not be able to write, draw, or sleep.

ABC's Tips for Test-Taking

  • Answer every question; never leave a blank.
  • Budget your time; if you don't know an answer, go on and come back.
  • Concentrate on the test, not the clock.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge.
  • Effort: don't give up; do your best.
  • Finish the test.
  • Go back and recheck your answers (more than once), but don't rush.

Multiple Choice

  • Read the entire question before attempting to answer.
  • Eliminate incorrect answers first.

Short Answers and Extended Responses

  • If question asks for facts, don't give your opinion.
  • Address all parts of the question.
  • Focus on one main idea per paragraph.
  • Proofread your work and correct any errors.
  • Write neatly.

Other Important Information

  • You can write in your Test booklet, but only what you write on the answer sheet counts.
  • 8th grade math reference sheet is in front of instruction page.
  • You may not look at another day's test.
  • You may use your own calculator (if on the list).
  • If you don't think you're comfortable with the new RED calculator, you may use the black calculators.
  • Teachers are not allowed to refresh your memory.
  • Teachers are not allowed to show you how to use the calculator.