Career Technical Education (CTE)

Teacher: Lynnette Stephens (

There are three CTE courses at the middle school level:

Seventh graders take Digital Communications. This course covers 21st Century Skills including creating, sharing and collaborating through online Google Apps. We also cover topics such as Digital Citizenship, Cyber Security, Cyberbullying, and the impact that technological advances have on humans and the environment.

There are two courses offered to eighth graders. Exploring Careers is what most will take. This course is designed to help students begin to think about how understanding what they like to do, and what they are good at, can lead them to satisfying careers. This course leads into the Career and College Readiness course students will take as freshmen.

The second option is Gateway to Engineering. This is an introductory course designed to give students experience with engineering at the design and prototype level. Students work in groups to design and build prototypes that fulfill a need, modifying projects throughout the nine weeks. Student learn to use basic geometry and 3D design programs while constructing prototypes. This course will give students an understanding of the basic engineering concepts they will continue to explore in engineering courses at the high schools and SWCA.