Head Coaches:

7th Grade: Nicole Colburn


8th Grade: Alyssa Vogel



September 3, 2020

Dear Jackson Volleyball Families and Visiting Fans:

Using the Order from the Ohio Department of Health, guidance from OHSAA and collaboration with district administration and the Ohio Capital Conference, we provide the following information for attendance at volleyball matches for 2020.


7th and 8th grade games are played in the main school gym. 7th grade families will be asked to enter and exit through our main office entrance. Please park your vehicles in our north lot. 8th grade families will be asked to enter and exit through our cafeteria entrance. Please park your vehicles in our south lot. If 8th grade families arrive early, please plan on waiting in our cafeteria until we have emptied our gymnasium from our 7th grade game. You will be expected to follow all social distancing protocols while in the cafeteria. Signage will be posted stating our protocols. Thank you.


  • Jackson families will be limited to 4 tickets per athlete and may sit in the bleachers. Seats will be marked to encourage social distancing.

  • The visiting team will be limited to 24 tickets, or 2 tickets per athlete.

  • Tickets are a flat rate fee--$4.00

  • There are no passes or discounts on tickets (no exceptions per the OCC).

  • Households are required to sit together at contests and must maintain 6 feet of social distance in all directions from other spectators.

  • NO STANDING; all spectators must be seated!

  • Student sections are not permitted.

  • Teams may watch their peers play; teams may sit, socially distanced, and may not act as a cheering section.

  • No spectators will be permitted to gather in the foyer or cafeteria to view the games.


7th grade volleyball ticket holders may enter beginning at 4:30 p.m. The 7th grade game will begin at 5:00 pm. The 8th grade match will begin no earlier than 6:00, or approximately 20 minutes after the 7th grade match ends, whichever is later. Because of the clearing and cleaning of the gym, 8th grade match ticket holders will be asked to enter after 7th grade ticket holders have exited. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • Masks are required at all times for spectators, officials, coaches, media and athletes not on the court of play.

  • No congregating before or after games. We respectfully ask that all spectators enter and exit the facilities in a timely manner.

  • Locker rooms will not be open; restrooms for all attendees are located outside, in the main hallway.


  • There will be no cash sales.

  • Tickets will only be available for online purchase through https://www.locallevelevents.com/events/browse . The link for purchasing tickets can be found at https://jms.swcsd.us/athletics

  • Under search event, type Jackson Middle School

  • Home athletes will use student ID numbers as a code for purchasing tickets.

  • Visiting athlete schools will be given a code for purchasing tickets.

  • Tickets will be scanned at the gate.

  • Athletes codes are good for a ONE time purchase per event. This will require blended families to coordinate attendance plans.

This is a very fluid and ever changing situation. As guidelines change we will reevaluate our guidelines and make changes as needed. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you.


Nikole James, Assistant Principal

Darrin Bowers, Athletic Coordinator

***Important Scheduling Note***

October 12th Home Volleyball game has been cancelled.

Copy of 2020 Volleyball Schedule,2.0