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Google Classroom

Many teachers use Google Classroom for the classes to communicate with students homework due dates, assessments, class notes, etc. If you were directed to this site, your child's teacher uses Google Classroom. This website requires a username and a password. Check with your student to use their login information to see what is happening in this class. If you have questions, feel free to email your child's teacher.

Certificated Staff


Dan Boland, Principal

Laurie Buchieri, Assistant Principal

Dave Allmon, Guidance Counselor

Anne Quatman, Student Support Liaison

Language Arts

7th Grade:

8th Grade:


7th Grade:

8th Grade:


7th Grade:

8th Grade:

Social Studies

7th Grade:

8th Grade:

  • Dave Allard

  • Darrin Bowers

  • Jane Stark

Unified Arts/Music

  • Kathleen Beard, Wellness

  • Tracy Eyster, Art

  • Chris Farbizo, Phys. Ed.

  • Jonathan Rehmbert, Band

  • Amy Rist, Vocal Music

  • Lynnette Stephens, Tech. Apps.

  • Thomas Traini, Orchestra

Intervention Specialists

  • Amber Adams

  • Laura Caughron, Cross Categorical

  • Heather Cummings

  • Clarissa Garribrant, Cross Categorical

  • Melissa Goble

  • Grant Russell

  • Candace Stonerock, E.D.

  • Alyssa Vogel

  • Brooke Weiner

Other Certificated Staff

  • David Bethel, Occupational Therapist

  • Jennifer Esker, Math Coach

  • Richard Hagopian, ESL

  • Stephanie Hess, Psychologist

  • Shannon McDermott, Literacy Coach

  • Jessica Vehr, Nurse

  • Jennifer Owens, Physical Therapist

  • Aubrey Rybarczyk, Speech Therapist

D.D. and ESC Classroom

Sarah Kidder, D.D.

  • Tracy Benjamin, Aide

  • Ryan Hetrick, Aide

  • Akilah Williamson, Aide

Bailey Lohr, ESC

  • Nora Driscoll, Aide

  • Deborah Patton, Aide

Classified Staff


  • Kenricka Adams, Head Cook

  • Kathleen Castro

  • Kari Jones

  • Lois Votaw


  • Steve Allmon, Head Custodian

  • Jacob Harris

  • James Kirby

  • John Westlake


  • Nicole Geddes, Secretary

  • Karen Stenerson, Secretary

Education Aides

  • Loraine Adkins, Cross Cat.

  • Debra Andrews, Education Aide

  • Jennifer Bapst, 1:1 Aide

  • Erin Corbin, ED aide

  • Regina Francis, Cross Cat.

  • Becky Grooms, Attendance

  • Kim Murray, ERC Aide

  • Traci Summers, 1:1 Aide

  • Marjorie Tuttle, 1:1 Aide

Health Clinic

  • Christine Fusner, Health Aide

  • Tricia Sayre, Medication Monitor