Jackson Middle School has a proud tradition of excellent athletic programs. We offer OHSAA sanctioned sports for football, 7th and 8th grade girls' volleyball, cheerleading, 7th and 8th grade girls' and boys' basketball, wrestling, and track. We also have a golf club supported by volunteer parents.

As student athletes, our players must maintain a minimum academic standard in order to play sports at Jackson Middle School. Our students must be passing five classes as of the end of the quarter immediately preceding the sport in which they are participating. For example, as a fall football player, the athlete must have passed five classes the fourth quarter immediately preceding the football season, which can include 6th grade classes prior to entering Jackson Middle School. Students must also maintain a minimum 1.8 GPA to be eligible to participate as well. More information from OHSAA can be found on the "Academic Eligibility" link on our website.

An annual parent meeting is required of all parents, as well. At this meeting, we discuss eligibility, concussion information, our athletic policies (which can be found as a link on this website), and drug/alcohol/tobacco/citizenship information. One meeting is required, regardless of on how many sports the athlete participates. Please watch for announcements and our calendar for when these meetings are scheduled. They are typically scheduled as the practice season begins for each sport (August, November, and February). At this meeting, we also collect our Pay to Participate fees, which are $75 per sport, with a family cap of $500. Anyone wanting information about financial assistance can look at our "Success Beyond the Classroom" page on this website.

Finally, a physical is required of all students participating in sports at Jackson Middle School. This physical is good for one calendar year. A student cannot practice or play in a contest until we have a physical signed by a doctor in our possession. The physical form can also be found on this website.

Success Beyond the Classroom (SBC) Scholarships for Athletics and Marching Band

Does your child plan to play sports or participate in the marching band? There is scholarship money made available through the Success Beyond the Classroom Foundation (SBC) to assist in covering the Pay-to-Participate cost. SBC is a non-profit organization that raises funds to provide scholarships to qualified students in the district who wish to participate in athletics and/or their school marching band. SBC members believe that extra-curricular activities help students learn and practice the skills needed for success in all areas of life. To be considered for an SBC scholarship, students must submit and fully complete an application, which is available on the district and school websites. Administrators, Athletic Directors, and/or coaches at each building can help you locate the SBC application. Applications can also be found on the building and district websites. For more information and deadline dates please visit or you may contact the school Athletic Director.

Ticket Sales for Jackson Middle School Athletic Contests:

Jackson Middle School COVID Compliance Plan, Winter 2020.21

Jackson Middle School has designed the following guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our community while engaging in athletics.

Safety Requirements for Sports:

  • We will continue the practice of daily symptom assessments using the Monitoring Forms, provided by OHSAA. We have used these forms since July 2020.

  • We will insist that anyone experiencing symptoms stay home. No exceptions.

  • Coaches will participate in COVID-19 education. This will be complete by October 30, 2020. Coaches will document that they shared information with their athletes by Friday November 6, 2020.

  • Players, coaches and officials will be informed not to physically contact each other before or after practice or pregame and competitive play. This includes greetings, team huddles, high-fives or congregating.

  • Coaches, athletic trainers and volunteers will be expected to wear face coverings at all times.

  • Officials and players will be expected to wear face coverings while not on the field/court.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.


  • Signage and e Ticket disclaimers will communicate to spectators that face masks must be worn at all times.

  • Signage will ask spectators to conduct daily assessment checks and to stay home if experiencing symptoms.

  • Signage will instruct family members to sit together and socially distance themselves 6-feet from others. Markers will be provided on seats for guidance.

  • Signage will discourage congregation.

  • E Tickets will be sold and prioritized to athletic families and households for both home and away competitors.

Limitations on Spectators at Sports Venues:

  • We will sell tickets for 15% of our fixed, seated capacity.

  • When feasible, isolated entrance and exit doors will be identified and encouraged.

  • E Tickets will be available to encourage contact free ticketing.

  • In some sports with multiple contests played in an evening, we may empty the venue between games.

Practices. Games. Tournaments:

  • We will comply with all orders relative to the number of participants in any contest as well as the number of opponents in a given day.


  • Players will be expected to provide their own water.

  • We will not provide communal water for home or visiting teams

  • Equipment will be sanitized regularly

  • Players will not share materials such as towels, food, or uniform equipment.

Sports Facilities:

  • Athletic venues, locker rooms, and weight rooms will be sanitized daily and after contests.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • Ventilation systems will be running where available.

  • Nikole James, Chris Herring and Darrin Bowers will be designated as the Compliance Officers.

  • Food concessions will only sell prepackaged goods.


  • All persons on a bus will wear face masks

  • Pre-travel symptoms and temperature checks will be conducted and recorded prior to bus departure.

  • Players will be required to either ride the bus or in a car with a family member, whenever possible.

  • All team competitions will be conducted within our regional community.

Suspected. Confirmed Cases:

  • We will comply with all directives in the Director’s Order related to reacting to, quarantining, and communicating about confirmed and/or suspected cases.

  • Any athlete with a confirmed case will not be permitted to return to play or practice until we have a release signed by a doctor.

Important 2020 Winter Athletic Information:

Hello Jackson Parents and Student Athletes:

Below is the link to our Athletic Pre-season Parent Meeting Powerpoint and required Pre-Season Form. By signing this form, you have agreed to viewing/reading the presentations, video and policies that are listed below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Thanks again and GO JAGS!

(DATC) JMS Preseason Parent Meeting 2020.21

Southwestern City Schools Athletic Policy

Southwestern City Schools Code of Conduct

Lindsay’s Law video

Concussion Information

Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Checklist

2020.21 JMS Pre-season Athletic Parent Form

**This is the only sheet that you need to turn back in**

OHSAA Return to Play