ERC Aide:  Kim Murray  (

Students and teachers visit the ERC during the school day when they have study halls or are working on a project for their classes.

The ERC has a wide variety of materials:
Reference         Non-fiction
Magazines        Graphic Novels
Fiction                Computers

Hours of Operation:
Open: 9:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m., Monday - Friday
(Except 3rd period during Mrs. Murray's lunch)

Book Check-out Policy
Check-out fiction and non-fiction books: students, teachers
Check-out reference materials: teachers, students can use in library only (unless permission is granted by staff)
Length of time for student check-out: 2 weeks
Number of books for students to check-out: 2 books at a time
Number of renewals on a book: Books may be renewed. (there is no limit on renewels, unless its a book in high demand)
The type of identification to check-out a book: Student Identification Number/Agenda book

Guidelines for Usage
Students must have a pass from their classroom teachers to come to the ERC during class or study hall.
All students need to sign in at the circulation desk; show your pass from your teacher.
The length of stay is determined by the teacher who has sent you to the ERC.
Students need to sign out at the circulation desk when they leave the ERC to return to their classroom.
Student are expected to behave in an appropriate manner while in the ERC, following the rules posted in the ERC.
Beverages, gum, and food are not permitted in the ERC.